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Introducing the Three Forks Breakaway Saddle, designed with the same inskirt rigging as our other roping saddles. However, we've made key modifications by shortening the length and depth of the skirts, offering significant benefits to individuals with shorter legs.  We can also lengthen fenders to accommodate people with longer legs.

three forks breakaway saddle


Inskirt Rigging: Maintains the proven inskirt rigging for optimal performance.

Skirt Adjustments: Shortened length and depth of the skirts, providing added comfort for riders with short legs.

Seat Design: Features a narrow inlaid padded seat to prevent the rider from being spread out.

Fender Improvement: Narrower fenders for ease of leg swing but also designed to not get jammed up against the latigoes.

Leather Quality: Crafted with lighter weight 10-12 oz leather, ensuring durability without compromising on weight.

Customization Options:

Tree Options: Choose from three tree options: Billy Hogg, Lewis, or Bowden.

Cantle: Equipped with a 4-inch cantle for stability and support.

Horn Options: Select between a 3-inch tall horn or the standard 3 1/2-inch roper horn. Ideal for breakaway riders who often prefer the shorter 3-inch horn.

Additional Information:

Weight Consideration: Designed with a focus on keeping the saddle weight down, providing ease of use. These saddles weigh approximately 35 lbs.


Customizations Are Possible

Feel free to look through all of the images and details to learn more about custom specifications. Custom quality at a reasonable price! 
The base price for a Three Forks Breakaway Saddle is $3500. *Please note: There is a nonrefundable $400 deposit to order a saddle.*

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