Three Forks Saddle Pads

Three Forks Saddlery has been building saddle pads since 2010!

We build several different kind of pads for all disciplines of rodeo, ranch, trail, cutting, sorting, reining, showing, etc.  All of the pads are contoured to fit a wide variety of horses.  All pads either have a hospital grade felt or neoprene bottom.  They also have a shock absorbent foam sandwiched between the felt bottom and memory foam.  On top of the pad is a colored type of carpet material.  The memory foam allows the saddle to settle and doesn't move around once you are cinched up.

We offer two different thicknesses of hospital grade felt and shock absorbent foam.  Normally, the barrel and roper pads use 1/4" of felt on the bottom.  We use 3/8" foam in the barrel and trail pads.  The 3/4" foam is used for the roper pads.  We have been using 3/8" felt under the trail pads as the roper pads tend to be too thick for a saddle fitting a horse well.  The thicker felt has been a long needed addition to our pad line.  Here are the specs of the pads:
Barrel Pad:
 - Square Barrel - 28" Long x 28" Over the Back x 3/8" Foam x 1/4" Felt
 - Round Barrel - Same as square barrel but with rounded corners 
Trail Pad: 31" Long x 31" Over the Back x 3/8" Foam x 1/4" Felt
Thick Trail: 31" Long x 31" Over the Back x 3/8" Foam x 3/8" Felt
Roper Pad: 31" Long x 31" Over the Back x 3/4" Foam x 1/4" Felt
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